I’m so tired I came into work with slippers on - lucky I keep a pair of shoes at work!!!

I’m so tired I came into work with slippers on - lucky I keep a pair of shoes at work!!!

Writing New Mass Music

1) I know it’s the same Mass but with new words. 2) If like me you’re going to get musically creative with the new translation then you need to check out this web page: (http://www.liturgyoffice.org.uk/Missal/Music) It has all the info, rules, regulations and red tape you could ever want to know about for getting new Mass music approved, permitted, published and played. Thanks to Frances Novillo for the tip-off.

Busy times…

It’s a pretty full schedule at the moment especially with Lisa being pregnant. I’m trying to more than I would do normally around the house (and failing miserably) and realising that there’s always more to do. I really do see why being a stay-at-home mum is a full time job with plenty of unpaid overtime.

That aside it’s exciting times in the Lynch household. We’re involved in a few projects that should be fun.

At the moment our parish is hosting the ‘Life in the Spirit’ seminars. These are an opportunity to turn a perhaps quite ordinary religious lifestyle (Church on a Sunday but not much else) into a life that is better and richer from an encounter with the living God.

More here: www.rcdow.org.uk/watfordnorth

This Monday also sees the start of UR2 (Upper Room 2) - A bi-monthly gathering in St Albans. In the 90s this group began just meeting to pray and grew into something that has given rise to many life-changing encounters with God. This rebooted version will meet twice a month in Ss Alban & Stephen parish hall. Each night will feature worship, teaching and prayer. Details here:


At both of these I’ll be involved in the worship/music so it’s time to get the fingers hardened and ready to ‘shred’. This increase in playing has lead to a creative spree in my own playing to the point of finishing a musical setting for the new Mass words (which I’m calling MOSH - Mass of St Helen). I’m now going through the recording printing and desperatley-seeking-approval phase. So please pray for that.

I’ll never grow up!

At Church last night somebody asked me if I was looking to go into teaching after a bit of Chaplaincy!

He was shocked to find out that this was the long term plan -the ‘real’ job and there’s no job I’d rather be doing.